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Meeting intelligence starts with hassle free bookings

Touch. Schedule. Meet.

Room booking system

In touch efficiency

It’s only a fingertip away. The Evoko Room Manager is a beautiful touchscreen solution for all your meeting rooms. Make sure they’re being used in a truly effective way. Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. With our room booking system you can easily book conference rooms and then have all information presented on the screen. Integrates seamlessly with the existing e-mail server. Now you’ll get full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to optimize resources. Get decision making support that really cuts costs. If you have room for improvement, get in touch with the Evoko Room Manager.

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Meeting intelligence

  • Clairity is key

    A meeting should be well planned, yet relaxed. See at a glance if the room is vacant or not by the screen’s red or green LED illumination. With Evoko Room Manager, conference room booking couldn’t be easier, no training is needed.

  • Smooth scheduling

    It doesn’t matter where you are. Book, cancel or extend a meeting in your own electronic calendar or directly on the screen outside the meeting room. If the room is busy, Evoko Room Manager will tell you where the nearest available room is. The units synchronize with MS Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps for Business to always show the latest information.

  • Valuable statistics

    Statistics can help us make wise decisions. With the Evoko Room Manager you get all the information you need to optimize the use of meeting rooms and equipment. How much do you use your meeting rooms and are some used more than others? Was that meeting room optional for a certain group? Any broken equipment? Export full reports directly to MS Excel. Get the Business Intelligence you need with the Evoko Room Manager and cut costs.

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Up and running in no time

Evoko Room Manager is a turnkey solution that integrates seamlessly with the existing e-mail server. No additional software is required. Installation on the server is as simple as adding a new employee to the network. Secure, reliable and easy to manage.


One time cost for everything you need.
All you need is in the box

Create room accounts on the server. Just as easy as adding a new employee.
Create room accounts

Configure your installation in Evoko Control Pannel.
Configure with Evoko Control Panel

Powered by PoE. Glass and standard wall mounting kit included.
Mount on standard or glass wall

Optimize the use of your time and the meeting rooms.
Start saving time


  • Book a meeting

    • Book directly on the screen for ad hoc or get an overview of what other rooms are free
    • Book in your normal calendar software by simply adding the room to your calendar appointment
    • Book on a smartphone or tablet by adding the room as an invitee


  • Extend or end current meeting

    1. Touch the screen
    2. Chose “Extend This Meeting”
    3. Chose what time you want to extend to

    –––––––––––– OR ––––––––––––

    1. Touch the screen
    2. Choose “End This Meeting”
    3. Confirm


  • Report broken equipment

    1. Touch the screen
    2. Choose “Report issue”
    3. Select the equipment that needs to be repaired
    4. An e-mail is automatically sent to the facility manager
    5. The broken equipment is shown in red on the screen


  • Check in to confirm your booking

    10 min before the meeting starts a confirm button shows up on the screen. If not pressed within the set time limit (up to 30 min after meetings start), the meeting room booking will be released, making the room free for others.

    5 minutes before the confirmation time runs out you get an e-mail reminding you to confirm.


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Greatness in brief

Clarity is easy

Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Book conference rooms easily and then have all information presented on the Evoko Room Manager.  Book ad hoc meetings on the screen or use your smart phone or normal calendar software. Anyone can use it, it’s that easy.


Optimize the use of rooms

Increase meeting room availability by using the check-in function that releases booked meeting rooms when no one show up. Optimize the resources usage and get valuable decision-making support, by analyzing statistics collected by the units. Open the door to a new more effective meeting culture.

Happy IT department

  • A patent pending solution with seamless integration to existing e-mail servers. Secure, reliable and with minimal infringement to existing IT environment.
  • Turnkey solution with everything needed included in the box. No extra hard or software required and no license or subscription fees. A one time cost with everything included.
  • Remote Management for smooth configuration, updates and overview of the Room Managers.

Beauty contest winner

We are not bragging, we let other do it for us:

  • Good Design Award 2011 by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design
  • DFA Award 2011, by Hong Kong Design Centre
  • “Best Digital Signage Hardware” 2012 at the Best of InfoComm Awards from rAVe Publications
  • iF product design award for 2011

Check it out

Images of Evoko Room Manager



  • MS Exchange 2003
  • MS Exchange 2007
  • MS Exchange 2010
  • MS Exchange 2013
  • MS Exchange 2016
  • MS Office 365
  • Google Apps for Work
  • IBM/Lotus Domino 8.5.3 – 9.x
  • IBM Domino/SmartCloud
  • NFS





  • 8 inch touch screen display
  • Ethernet Controller: 10/100 Mbit
  • Communication ports
    • http: port 80
    • https: port 443
  • Device Input Power Sources
    • PoE: 48 V DC by RJ45, switch power output of 12.95-15.40 W per port
    • AC-DC Adapter: 12 V DC by DC Jack

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  • Frame and main casing: Aluminum alloy
  • Mounting kit for both standard and glass wall included
  • Warranty: 2 years from date of purchase
  • Size: 270 x 192 x 39 mm.
  • Weight: 1.3 kg


  • Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish


All inclusive

With Evoko Room Manager you’ll get everything you need in the product box and pay a set price per unit. That’s it! You never have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or needing extra software or accessories. A one-time cost for everything you need.
The price for the Evoko Room Manager includes:

  • Evoko Room Manager unit
  • Mounting kits for both standard and glass walls
  • AC power supply can be ordered separately free of charge if not installed with PoE
  • 2 year warranty
  • Product support
  • Free upgrades of the Evoko Room Manager software
  • Evoko Control Panel which is used for configuration, monitoring and statistics


End of life


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References & Awards

Product Awards

The Evoko Room Manager has been globally recognized and awarded for its design and innovation