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Complete system for workplace communication – Plug & Play

Plug in

The next level of digital signage for your office or lobby is here. The Evoko Pusco is an indoor electronic sign and works like a freestanding digital posting board where you can easily communicate internal and external messages to your visitors and employees. To get started, just plug in two cables and you are ready to reach out with your message.

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We have designed pre-made templates to make it easy to create the impact you are after – just select the applications that are right for your company. Create and schedule a playlist for each Evoko Pusco, or group them together. It’s all very easy and guaranteed to look good, every time!

Reach out

Make customers feel welcome in the reception or lobby. Drive employee engagement through project updates and dashboards. Share your company values, twitter feed, latest news or provide an overview of meeting room status. Evoko Pusco will help increase customer satisfaction, employee motivation and efficiency!

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Easy to manage

We’ve taken a whole new approach to how a ”content management system” or ”publishing system” should work. Forget complicated settings and having to spend a lot of time on configuration. Managing your Evoko Pusco is easy and thanks to our templates, different people in the organization can be responsible for updating the content they are responsible for.

Fits any brand

To make Evoko Pusco fit your brand it can be personalized by choosing between a light and dark theme, set the background image and the accent color to match your company color. The accent color will be used for highlights on the screen, as well as the status light at the bottom of the unit. Evoko Pusco also has built-in speakers for playback sounds and to highlight and emphasize updated content.

Pusco Wall


The pricing model is based on the same simplicity as the product; it is a one-time cost per unit and that’s it. There are no licensing costs or subscription fees and all required hardware, software, support and warranty are included. The one time cost includes:

  • Evoko Pusco unit
  • Mounting kits
  • Power Supply cable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Product support via phone/email/web-tickets for as long as the Pusco units are used

Recommended end user price for Pusco Floor

USD 7899

Recommended end user price for Pusco Wall

USD 6299

How To Buy

Measurements and Weight


Pusco Floor

Height 1625 mm

Width 1311 mm

Depth 550 mm

Weight 80 kg


Pusco Wall

Height 1240 mm

Width  663 mm

Depth  107 mm

Weight 50 kg