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Evoko Announces Liso Calendar Add-on for Enhanced Meeting Room Management

Offers further capabilities including advanced room finding and booking of catering and equipment.
STOCKHOLM, 05 December, 2018 – Evoko, the leading Swedish manufacturer of meeting room management solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of the subscription-based Liso Calendar Add-on for its Evoko Liso hardware. Developed through a partnership with specialised workspace management software provider SmartSpace Software Plc, the tool gives users even more control over their meeting and everything that surrounds it directly from Outlook, including finding a suitable room, booking equipment, and even arranging catering.

Evoko Liso is a meeting room management solution created to take the hassle out of booking meeting rooms. Evoko Liso keeps track of all meeting rooms at the office in a simple, centralised system, and allows users to search for the most suitable rooms based on their availability, location, size and available equipment. It was designed to eliminate confusion, double bookings, and interrupted meetings whilst making sure all meeting rooms are being used in the most effective way possible.

The new Liso Calendar Add-on further expands on the room management capabilities of Evoko Liso directly in Outlook, as it introduces a range of new features to the platform such as layouts of the rooms and advanced maps to locate the most suitable room. The new Add-on even enables you to book the right equipment for the room and arrange catering for your meeting directly in the system with just a few simple clicks.

Simply put, the new Liso Calendar Add-on makes organising meetings simpler than ever before and allows you to have even more control over their meetings and everything surrounding them.

“Our aim at Evoko is to keep finding new ways of helping businesses to have magnificent meetings. The new Calendar Add-on to our “hero product” Evoko Liso brings the same great room finding functionality that we have on the Liso units also to your Outlook interface, and on top of that adds more features like catering, room layout and equipment to make organising great meetings as quick and simple as possible” says Richard Glückman, CEO of Evoko.

For more information on Evoko Liso and what the new Liso Calendar Add-on can offer your business, please visit www.evoko.se.

About Evoko Unlimited AB

Evoko is a Swedish company driven by innovation, design and a mission to ‘make every meeting magnificent’. The company develops products like room-booking devices, conference speakers and video conference solutions. Evoko’s main focus is coming up with great solutions to get the most out of workplace facilities, and teaming up with partners within the area to make sure they always present the best products.


For more information go to: www.evoko.se

About SmartSpace Software Plc

SmartSpace Software is a SaaS-based software business, designing and building software for occupancy management and space optimisation, with products that help people work smarter and more efficiently and to maximise the utilisation of their corporate real estate. The Company’s software solutions in workspace, retail and hospitality help transform employee and customer engagement with modules which include: desk management, meeting room management, wayfinding, car parking, visitor management, frictionless vending and analytics.


For more information go to: www.smartspaceplc.com


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