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Transform your lobby, reception or shared space into something new

Make your internal communication shine – for visitors and employees alike. The Evoko Pusco is an integrated screen and software product. Delivered with premade templates out of the box and featuring a near effortless updating system.

A minimal effort solution

Evoko Pusco is the awaited answer for any company who knows they have a lot to gain from an internal digital signage system but still hasn’t found the right provider, suiting product or simply haven’t had the adequate time to implement one. Now there is a option that requires minimal effort.

Example of how it can look

Example of how it can look

What makes this different from other internal signage solutions?

Well, it isn’t really a signage system. It’s an elegant communication solution. We call it a “plug-and-play product”. Just pair the units (Evoko Puscos) with the user-friendly updating system and you are ready to let the right people from within your organisation update the information shown on screen. This delegating task is easily done with automatic reminders with update links sent out by email.

Another big plus with this product is that everything will automatically look good on screen. Evoko Puscos built in content templates ensure your brand is coming off like it should – so you can focus on keeping the information fresh.

In short:

  • Quickly installed
  • Content displayed will always look good
  • It’s ridiculously easy to keep updated


More on the Pusco

It comes in two versions, the standard floor version and a slightly smaller version that is mounted on a wall.

Evoko Pusco Wallversion

Evoko Pusco Wall version

Both versions are ready to order as of October 2019.

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