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Is It Rude To Mute Someone During A Meeting?

Like most of us I’m sure you would shrivel up and die in a corner if you knew someone had pressed the mute button and was talking about you whilst you are mid flow of giving the presentation of your life. Sometimes this situation is totally obvious, you can even hear the button clicking as your colleague gets ready for that golden 10 seconds when you’re least likely to notice!

is it rude to mute someone in a meeting - phone conference speaker

We’ve put some thought in to this act of total humiliation and came up with one of worklife’s biggest social questions… Is it rude to mute someone during a meeting?
Well, it’s not as easy as a simple yes or no I’m afraid. On one hand there are times you really just need to clarify something with a colleague, but don’t get us wrong, we know that that there are some who love to have a quick “mute” gossip when phone conferencing with that person everyone in the office finds really annoying… we’re not talking about you, Darren from Finance, honest!
No seriously, we’ve taken this in to account and when it came to designing the Evoko Minto, a simple, soundless mute function was super important! Our team of superhero engineers designed the conference room speaker to be futuristic, functional and fit for purpose. The team came up with a swipe over function that not only allows you to speak freely at the swipe of a wrist, but also doesn’t give any indication to your colleague in Spain, Canada or even Australia, that you are having a private conversation…..obviously not about them (wink wink)!

The Evoko Minto is one of a kind when it comes to conference speaker phones. It operates via bluetooth connection with your mobile devices or via USB to you laptop. The Minto has clear status lights that easily let you know when you are connected, active and on mute so there’s no room for slip ups! As the Minto is totally mobile it means you can hold your meetings just about anywhere. Pop it back on the handy charging station when you’re finished and it’s ready for the next six hours.  All you have to worry about is weather you want it in Soft White or Deep Grey. There are worse things to worry about afterall!

The Evoko Minto has won several awards for it’s design and innovation including, most recently the RAVE Publoications best of InfoComm 2017 and the Good Design award to name a few. We are very proud of our brand and we hope you will grow to love Evoko as much as we do!

Luckily we sell the Evoko Minto conference phone all over the world through our team of Distributors. Find your local one here

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