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Inside Evoko: Meet Jimmy Vikarby!

Life is not easy in the world of customer service/partner relations so it's very lucky that we have such a great team of superheros working at Evoko. Not only are they extraordinarily organized, but they are also a pretty fun bunch!
Meet the latest addition to the team, Jimmy Vikarby. Not only is he ready and waiting to answer all your partner queries, but he makes a great Friday Fika too!
Here's what he had to say to our incredibly intrusive Inside Evoko questions....

What does a day in the life of one of Evoko’s Partner Relations Coordinators look like?

Mainly talking to customers, placing orders and trying to solve problems for our partners. Sometimes there’s a curve ball and I could end up helping out one of my amazing colleagues with something completely different!

What was your job before Evoko?

Before Evoko I was working as a Project manager and system architect for Home Theater and Home Automation in Stockholm.

What were your biggest misconceptions about working within the smart tech industry?

I have been in the business for 20+ years so I can´t remember 😊

What was the single best thing that happened at Evoko this month?

Release of Liso 2.1 software with the new Room Booking, it’s a game changer…

What’s missing from the Evoko workplace?

Hot Chocolate machine 😊

What’s new at Evoko this year?

The Release of Evoko Pusco

What do you love about the new Evoko Pusco?

I love the design and the possibility’s are huge no matter what size or where in the world your workplace is.

Why is Evoko amazing?

Evoko as a brand is new thinking, great innovations and thinking ahead.

What’s your greatest achievement in life?

My 3 amazing kids, who mean the world to me!