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Inside Evoko: A Day In The Life Of Evoko’s Marcom Manager

Meet Josephine Lindevik, she's our superstar Marcom Manager at Evoko. Not only does she keep a tight ship in the marketing department, but she also has a pretty interesting personal life. We thought it would be an amazing idea to get really up close and personal with Josephine and give you a little insight in to a day in the life of Evoko's (and possibly the worlds) best Marcom Manager ;-)

What does a day in the life of Evoko’s Marcom Manager look like?

Implementing strategies into reality and making sure we stick to our marketing plan is my overall responsibility. So one day can be completely different from another, which is what makes my job so much fun. One day my focus is to finish the marketing plan and budget for the year, the next morning I am having contact with our country managers and distributors, in the afternoon I could be at a photoshoot of an exciting new product and the third day I’m planning trade shows all around the world.

What was your job before Evoko?

Before Evoko, I was in a completely different sector. I used to work as a Personal Trainer at the gym that H.K.H prince Daniel of Sweden owned before he married H.K.H crown princess Victoria. After a few years coaching people on how to live a healthier lifestyle, I decided to go to university to study Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing. During my time studying, I also started my own company, still within the health sector. After getting my degree from University, I somehow ended up in the smart tech industry, and I’ve been here the last 4,5 years. 😊

What were your biggest misconceptions about working within the smart tech industry?

That I needed to be very technologically experienced. I quickly came to realize that it is in fact a strength not knowing every little detail in our products. Since I work with communication and through our marketing activities “talk” to our customers, it’s important that we speak a language that everyone can understand.

Which trade show is your favorite?

It is definitely the InfoComm show in the US. We design our own booth and usually have different themes that are fun and interesting for the visitors. One year, for example, we had the “Fika Experience” and invited our visitors to try Swedish cookies & coffee when checking out our booth where we displayed our amazing products.

What’s missing from the Evoko workplace?

A dojo! How much fun would it be to have a meeting at the same time you are wrestling!?

Are you working on any exciting new projects?

The fun thing about working at Evoko is that there are always new projects going on. Now, we are about to release the Evoko Pusco, which is a super cool communication system with a beautiful Swedish design.

What do you love about the Evoko Liso room booking system?

The simplicity of the product. It is so easy to use, even for those who are not at all in to technical products. And then of course the design. I think it really stands out from the crowd.

Why is Evoko amazing?

I love the way we work in our Imaginary Organization. I get to work with great partners and colleagues all around the world.

What’s your greatest achievement in life?

Except my daughter, I would say that I have always tried to do the things I want to and really go for it, not being afraid to try new things and challenge myself. Apart from working in different sectors, I’ve also worked in Chicago, London and Amsterdam, studied in Spain and Australia, I have black belt in the Japanese martial art Ju-Jutsu, and since quite recently, a hunting license, so now I go and hunt moose every autumn.