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How to WIN At Meetings

Now I could be about to tell you where to find the holy grail of all #worklife mysteries OR it could just be some super handy tips to make winning during meetings part of your everyday life. The later is way more valuable me thinks…, how much good could you really do with an old cup anyway?!

How to WIN At Meetings; meeting room panel

We at Evoko are all about magnificent meetings, so this task was a complete breeze for our brainy bunch as it’s all we ever think about. We’re obsessed! At the top of our minds, there are always three key goals we want to achieve when we’re designing our newest meeting tools. Efficiency, Ease and Value. That’s why most Evoko meeting room products are plug and play. Everything is streamlined and even the lamest of laymen can figure out how to make an Evoko product tick. We leave nothing to chance!
So, if we’re so great at making meeting room tools fabulous, I bet you’re dying to know what super duper fabulicious meeting tips we have come up with. Well ponder no more, here’s the 411……
1. Always prepare! – Winging it very rarely pays off. Know what your talking about and have evidence to back up your point. Being unprepared is one of the biggest effective meeting killers going. So much time is wasted in meetings where a clear topic and desired outcome is not defined.
2. Contribute – You may be the shy retiring type but if you want to keep your job, you better pipe up! Stick to a couple of things you think are important and on topic, if you decide these in advance you can make sure that you will be thought of as someone who always participates.
3. Listen to others and ask their opinion. This will make collaboration thrive and give team members a real sense that their opinion is valued. It’s all about maintaining that team spirit…. in other words stakeholder management!
4. Be on time – Don’t be that person who is always late then needs a recap of everything that was missed. It’s totally unproductive and makes others not want to work with you.
5. Stay in your lane – If you’re not the expert on the subject then don’t act like you know it all. It’s fine to ask questions, but take it as more of a learning opportunity instead of disagreeing with everything that’s proposed. Remember you have your strengths too!
6. Send a meeting summary – We all know that especially with larger meetings, not everyone is in full concentration mode. Cover your back and send an email outlining the topics discussed, actions needed and by whom. That way there’s no excuse for Joe, Jane or Jerry to deny all knowledge when that deadline passes and the work is not done!
So now you have been gifted with this superpower, go out in to the world and show off your new meeting skills to the masses. You’ll be climbing that corporate ladder in no time!

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