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5 Of The Best Out Of The Box Meeting Rooms On The Planet!

We can’t all be lucky enough to have the extra space needed for meeting rooms, but that doesn’t mean that meeting spaces can’t still be both flexible and efficient. Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box. There are so many ways to improvise but here are 5 of the best out of the box meeting rooms on the planet! According to us anyway....

First up is the spectacular Nykredit headquarters building in Copenhagen, Denmark. Theirs is one of Denmark’s largest buildings. Not only is this building made completely from glass, making it entirely almost see through, but it is also home to two suspended meeting rooms. A great way to add a meeting space without taking up desk space.

Duffy London are the makers of this magical piece of meeting room genius. The King Arthur round table has suspended chairs, so you’ll feel more like you’re at the fairground than in the office. Such a great way to turn a really, plain space in to something fantastic. If your employees are feeling good-vibes then your meetings are bound to be way more effective!


If you haven’t heard about the likes of Google and Facebooks’ amazing workplaces, then I’m pretty sure you have probably been hiding under a rock for the last 10 years. Google’s meeting pods have made it in to our top 5 and I’m sure you can see why. Not only are the pods pretty cool, they are also space efficient and equipped with phone conferencing facilities and glass doors for additional privacy. Totally amazing for offices where space is extremely tight. Even better for open plan layouts!


If you really don’t have the large budget needed for renovations or large structural changes then this fairly simple double tiered meeting space may be the perfect solution. Agency 99c in Cape Town have been really experimental with their meeting room solutions, using shipping containers to create meeting rooms. The interiors are ply lined with electricity installed for full functionality. The top of the containers have even been equipped with working desk stations.


Last but not least…one of our favourites actually! The outdoor meeting room….The benefits of working in an outdoor environment are well worth investigating. Not only will your staff feel super refreshed by the change of scenery, but you can also add a fireplace and make it a great location for afterwork socials.

The outdoor meeting room can be interpreted in many ways and is right up there in terms of space saving, as it will not impact limited office space at all. You don’t have to spend a fortune either…a few bean bags and a portable conference speaker will work wonders.

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