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5 Incorrect Assumptions CTO’s Make About Going Digital

Change can be scary, but that shouldn’t put you off making leaps and bounds when it comes to upping your technology game. The workplace is something that should make employees feel proud to be a part of. Most of our lives completely revolve around technology and the digital is now a part of everyday life…we’d be lost without it!

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This being said, we’re sure that most people would agree that they’d love their workplace to be as digitally savvy as their down time. The problem with this is that the decision makers in this arena seem to be missing the bigger picture. Budget may be part of the problem or it could be the age old generation gap, but let’s try and get down to the root of the issue. What are the 5 Incorrect Assumptions CTO’s Make About Going Digital?

1. Why change what isn’t broken?
A true but very passive way of thinking. After all, there is always room for improvement. Just imagine if Apple decided that the cell phones of old were….GOOD ENOUGH! OMG did someone just say no iPhones!!!!!

2. Let other companies try it first!
Big mistake! FACT…. innovative companies attract 79% more talent according to CNBC. If you leave it too long, you‘ll either be lost in the crowd trying to catch up, or so outdated that you leave a lasting negative impression. Let’s not forget that you’re pitching to the Gen X and Millennial generations now…..what the hell is a fax anyway?!

3. If I haven’t heard of your company, then you’re no good
If I told you that I found a new social media app but you’d never heard of it, would you start using it? What about 7 years later if I said check our Snapchat…. seriously 7 years is nothing and now it’s one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.
The key is to get in their quick and reap the benefits of early exposure. Being part of something that’s a growing success is always exciting!

4. It’s not worth the hassle
It 100% without a doubt IS worth the hassle….now turn around, stand on one foot and repeat that three times!
No seriously, it might mean a making a few calls, a few back and forth emails and careful coordination of your entire office, but what’s a week or two with a small amount of disruption when your company will recognise you for making leaps in their digital footprint whilst streamlining work culture and efficiency.

5. New systems take too long to learn
Hello, this is 2018! We have more digital savviness in our little finger than McDonalds has happy meals. Our generation are digital natives and a few digitally scheduled meetings (with your new Evoko Liso….wink wink) will have the whole company streaming, file sharing and self-serving in no time. They could even be opening doors with their digital implant….okay okay, perhaps that’s going a bit too far….or is it?!

Not only does investing in digital increase productivity in the workplace, but it also has a direct effect on sales and performance. So, CTO person or whoever you are, what are you waiting for? Get your digital hat on now and start making changes. You’ll thank us for it later…

P.S. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone you read this blog post, it can be all your own idea….promise!

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